We offer a wider range of treatments according to your individual needs

Dental Consultation

We offer advice if you have any questions regarding dental hygiene or any issues around your teeth.  We look at the function of your teeth, jaw and gums .We are happy to support you concerning questions around the impact of certain food or neck pain on your teeth. We offer regular check-ups and the possibility to take x-rays to discuss and plan your individual treatment options.

Prophylaxis (Dental check up)

In addition to oral hygiene at home and good nutrition, we recommend regular visits to clean your teeth and also a check-up at the dentist. 

We take the time to advise you individually during the prophylaxis appointments, check for any signs of inflammation, gum disease or bleeding and thus support your oral health. It is also possible to send you an individual interval reminder.

Dental Hygiene

During the individually coordinated dental hygiene appointments, we clean those parts of the oral cavity that cannot be reached by yourself. We remove any plaque or tartar and we keep the gums and periodontics healthy. At the end of the appointment you will receive tips and tricks for your own dental care at home.


This method of brightening your teeth is getting more and more popular as it is one of the most transformative treatments. If one or more teeth appear darker than the others or simple pleasures like tea, coffee or wine left them stained, you can ask us for the possibilities you have to get them brighter. In general, there is whitening in one session at the dentist or home-based whitening. 


If your teeth are worn, broken or have cavities we can repair them with fillings - always with a high aesthetic demand to preserve the teeth. With the new filling materials, we can even do small aesthetic corrections (i.e. closing gaps).

Aesthetic dentistry

In certain cases we are able to do small corrections (i. e. gaps) even without drilling. Depending on the situation this can be achieved through Componeers, Veneers or an Aligner treatment. We plan the most suitable method individually.

Alignement - seethrough braces

If you suffer from crooked or rotated teeth which might even disturb the general function and oral hygiene or simply if you want nicely aligned teeth, we offer this modern treatment without using fixed braces. We work with a Swiss made quality product called nivellipso® (


These ceramic shells / covers replace the facet after major defects or for aesthetic corrections, especially in the anterior region. The dental technician has the possibility to design them individually in terms of colour and shape so that they meet the respective requirements.


If you want to correct the shape of the tooth or slight tooth positions in the anterior region, or perhaps you want a bigger filling in the front to look smoother, this can be

solved with Componeers in one session.  Componeers are prefabricated thin plastic plates which are individualized and then firmly bonded like a filling. Due to the very smooth surface they are optically very appealing for a long time.

Root canal treatments

If the root canal is diseased, we usually try to preserve the tooth by endodontic treatment. This involves removing the nerve and tissue in the root canal, but the tooth itself remains in the oral cavity/jaw.

Dental accidents

If for some reason a dental accident has occurred, we record the accident and take the necessary immediate measures. Depending on the urgency of the situation, please call us so that we can help you on the same day if necessary.


If at some point it is no longer possible to preserve a tooth, or if wisdom teeth are more likely to damage oral health, they are gently removed in this session.

Crowns and bridges

If a tooth is so weakened or if there is a gap, we can restored the tooth with crowns or bridges, so that you get a fixed denture without surgical intervention.


This is a removable prosthesis (partial or complete denture), either for the treatment of several gaps or edentulous jaws. The aim is to restore the chewing function, aesthetics and also speech formation. Dentures can be reinforced with metal or metal-free. We offer plastic-free dentures as an alternative for people with specific allergies.


We offer implants for a full-fledged and long-lasting dental solution. This allows us to replace the natural tooth if a tooth is missing or had to be removed. Implants heal into the bone and a new tooth can be fixed to it. 

Another possibility is to stabilize dentures on implants and thus give the prosthesis a better anchorage to give you an improved quality of life. The respective method is planned individually.

We also work with selected specialists so that we can provide you support in areas that we do not offer in our practice.


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