We offer a wider range of treatments according to your individual needs


If you have any questions around issues with your teeth or dental hygiene, we are happy to support you.

We offer regular check-ups and the possibility to take x-rays to discuss and plan your indivudual treatment options.

Dental hygiene

Besides your daily cleaning routine at home and a healthy diet, we recommend regular visits to our dental hygienists and regular check-ups with our dentists. 


Thanks to the modern materials we use, we are able to offer minimal invasive dental conservation with a high degree of aesthetics and are also able to make minor aesthetic corrections.

Root canal

Root canal treatments may become necessary, if the pulp of the tooth has mortified or is irreversibly inflamed. Our goal is to preserve your tooth to the best extent possible.


Crowns and bridges

If your tooth is weakened or if you have a large gap, this can often be treated by inserting a crown or bridge in order to achieve a solid reconstruction without surgical intervention.


We offer removable and easy to clean dentures from hard wearing material, hand crafted to your individual needs by our skiled dental technician. Well fitted dentures can restore your ability to bite and chew as well as reduce speech problems due to gaps and missing teeth.

Tooth whitening

We offer a wide range of professional methods to whiten your teeth without jeopardising your dental health.


Should it not be possible to preserve your tooth despite or if your wisdom teeth need to be romoved, we are able to carefully extract the affected teeth.

Aligners (Invisalign)